10 Ridiculous Food Scares That Had Us Completely Fooled

by Larry

However, after multiple different studies, the verdict is that there is no evidence whatsoever that it is more dangerous for you than regular sugar, or that it even affects you differently in any way, shape, or form. A study specifically designed to see if it could correlate with the rise of obesity also recently came up empty.

While scientifically there is no evidence that it’s more dangerous than regular sugar, some researchers do believe that it could potentially be leading to a less healthy nation overall. Decades ago, regular sugar became more expensive, and HFCS stepped in to save the day and sate the nation’s sweet tooth. People who indirectly blame HFCS believe that it was so much cheaper that we saw an overall rise in sugar in general in products, which helped contribute to the obesity epidemic.

However, whether this theory is true or not, what health experts recommend if you wish to cut back on your sugar intake is not to just remove HFCS from your diet, but to watch your entire overall sugar consumption carefully. All sugar will affect you and should be eaten with moderation.


9 – Subway Is Putting Yoga Mat Chemicals In Their Sandwiches


Not long ago, social media was ablaze with accusations that Subway’s bread contained a chemical commonly used for making yoga mats. Many people fell for this nonsense, and before long, Subway and other food producers were removing azodicarbonamide from their products in order to placate all of the angry bloggers shouting at them. However, it turns out that the entire scare was started by the blogger Vani Hari, also known as Food Babe. This is a woman who has made a business out of telling people that anything she can’t personally pronounce in an ingredient list is dangerous. She then starts angry petitions and puts the chemical on her banned list for her followers to read. This is quite a business, too. Hari sells products on her website (many of them containing ingredients she’s denounced), all while calling anyone who denounces her a shill for Big Food.