10 Ridiculous Food Scares That Had Us Completely Fooled

by Larry

Eating is an essential part of human life, and eating stuff that won’t poison us or damage our bodies is one of the surest ways to keep ourselves in a state of long-term good health. For this reason, humans have always been fairly careful about how their food is handled. Even before we knew everything we do about hygiene, we certainly knew a good bit about cooking and preserving our grub.

However, with the advent of the modern food system and the global need to bring safe food to all corners of the globe, many new ingredients have been used to keep our food safe for eating. The fact that people don’t have quite as much knowledge of the origins of their food anymore has caused many to become increasingly worried about what they are eating, and that’s made it increasingly easy for people to be fooled by fake food scares.

10 – The Dangers Of High-Fructose Corn Syrup


Many people you talk to will claim that high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is the greatest demon of the food industry. In fact, some people go so far as to suggest that HFCS is responsible for the rise of diabetes and obesity in our country. They also claim that HFCS affects your body differently than regular sugar and that it is basically ruining the health of our country.